Keys to Successful Public Speaking

Transcribed article based on the video above.

What are the keys to speaking in public successfully? There are three things to remember. First off, talk to people about them. A lot of times we get nervous or self-conscious when we go to speak in public because we feel like everyone is watching us and judging us. But people don’t care so much about us and what we have to say. They care about themselves and their own situations of love, health, and money. If we learn to talk to people about them and the things they are thinking about we will always have their captive attention.

Secondly, know what you want to say. You have to be prepared when you go to speak in public, especially because most of us don’t do it that often. If we are stumbling over our own words or are nervous and self-conscious about what we are going to say, we definitely aren’t thinking about your audience and their needs.

Finally, have a conversational style. If we were at drinks and having a beer together, how would we talk to each other? That is the same kind of way you want to relate to an audience, with ease and comfort.

Don’t feel like you have to force something or be someone that you’re not and if you remember those three things next time you go to speak in public next time, I guarantee, you’ll do better than most everybody else.

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