How to Keep Employees Happy and Engaged

Transcribed article based on the video above.

I spend a lot of time thinking about what it takes to make sure you have engaged and happy employees and there are four things, the four “C”s, that we have determined are the most important to help that come to fruition.

The first is to communicate expectations. That means as the employer we communicate what is a job well done, what are the goals, responsibilities and results that we expect and does each employee know and understand those. On the other hand, what are the expectations of the employee? What kind of work environment do they like? What do they want to be working on? What kind of things motivate them most? Take the time to understand that from each of your employees and try to provide that environment wherever possible.

The second is a culture of success and for us, a culture of success means three things: That we always get the job done, we are always there to help each other out and we celebrate our successes. What’s important is that there is a culture in your company and each employee identifies with what that is.

The third is to compensate generously, if you have high expectations, which you should of each of your employees, than you should reward them for a job well done. Each of your employees feels like and knows that if they reach this very important goal they will be rewarded handsomely.

The fourth is cultivate people. It’s not enough to pay them well and provide a good culture and communicate with them, you want to help each of your employees learn and grow in their position, so that they feel from the point from where they started to where they ended they have grown professionally and personally. If you keep in mind those four things, you are always going to have the most happy and engaged employees.

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