Add Flavor to Make Your Writing Delectable

I’m under a considerate amount of pressure here to write an article for this video that lives up to its principles. I mean, the video is all about adding flavor to your writing to engage your readers, so what kind of copywriter would I be if I wrote a dry, boring article to coincide with it?

Of course, the best way to alleviate this existential crisis is by realizing that making your content interesting is a lot easier than you might expect. Unless you’re writing for the IRS or some other government agency, chances are readers will expect your writing to have some kind of personality. Lucky for you, as a human being you automatically have one. People might argue it’s not a terribly unique personality, but let’s not pay any attention to them. Haters gonna hate.

Party On

  • Fact is, you’ve made people laugh before at a party. You’ve captivated them with stories concerning weird or exciting things that have happened to you. So let’s hang out at that party and tap into its vibe. As far as I’m concerned, I’m not currently sitting behind my desk jamming away on my laptop in an undisclosed office location. We’re by the open bar and I’m sharing with you tips on how to snazz up your copy.
  • Keep in mind, adding flavor to your writing doesn’t mean you necessarily have to speak to your reader directly, but if you treat your readers like they’re your friends, your writing will instantly take on a more engaging tone.

Be Human

  • Of course, you don’t have to be friendly to write engaging copy. Whether its humor, playfulness, shock, authority or curiosity – have an emotion and a sensibility that will reflect your content in a human way. The website UrbanDaddy is particularly effective at utilizing a personable, witty tone with their articles. Another good example is, which manages to interject ample cleverness into its product descriptions.
  • It doesn’t matter how fascinating your subject matter is, if you write with as much flair as an instruction manual, you’ll lose your readers’ interest fast. You’ve heard this said before, but it remains particularly true when it comes to writing: a little personality truly goes a long way.

Okay, if you’ve read this far that means I did something right and I give you an enthusiastic high-five! And if you didn’t, well… there’s really no point in taking this any further.

Rochelle Bailis is a Senior Editor & Content Producer at Intuit.