Understanding Your Genius Zone

While the Albert Einsteins and Steve Jobs of the world are pretty rare, that doesn’t mean that each and every one of us are not capable of accomplishing amazing things of our own. According to Lex Sisney – CEO coach and creator of Organizational Physics -- everyone is a genius at something.

And while that doesn’t mean you will necessarily qualify for MENSA, it does mean you can surprise yourself and the marketplace by tapping into your inner genius. The trick is to discover what you’re naturally great at and to use it to your advantage. Sisney’s formula for this is: Talents + Purpose = Genius.

Steps to Recognizing Your Genius Zone

  • Identify Your Talents: Your talents are effortless. You don’t have to strain to perform them. When you’re tapping into these skills, you’re not doing work, you’re being work. Energy and passion flow through you and the results are exceptional without even trying. If you’re struggling to figure out what your natural talents are, try recalling times you talked to your closest friends or coworkers and they complimented you on doing something particularly well. Did these compliments create a strong sense of pride within yourself? This is a good indication that you’re on the right track.
  • Identify Your Purpose: Your purpose is whatever brings meaning and direction into your life. One way to pin down your purpose is to think about what gets you angry about the world. Watch the news, talk with friends and family. What do you think is unjust, unproductive or hypocritical? For example, let’s say you despise bureaucracy because of its rampant inefficiency. Your purpose could be to create efficiency by inventing systems or environments that are highly functional that will help consumers.

Now imagine that you’re utilizing your natural talents by pursuing your true purpose in life. You’re incredibly directed, motivated, passionate and capable with what you’re doing. This transcends “work” or a “job” and is now a calling. The intersection where your talent and purpose meet is the zone in which you will excell. In this zone of activity, you’re a genius. Embrace your genius and see your career – and life – improve as a result.

Lex is an expert at creating breakthroughs in individuals and organizations. He's grown from co-founder and CEO of the world's largest affiliate marketing company to follow his passion as CEO Coach to the world's next generation of expansion stage companies.