3 Acronyms to Make You a Better Writer

Whether you’re a copywriter or a marketer, there is always room for improvement when it comes to communicating to your readers. Here are three acronyms that will help you to better connect with your audience and keep them reading:

The Four U’s

  • Urgent: urgency is how you grab people’s attention. But while most copy is time sensitive, the fact is that urgency is the least important of all the U’s on this list.
  • Unique: it’s important that you set yourself apart from your competitors by being as original as possible. Take the time to develop your own voice and style.
  • Ultra-specific: you have to be detailed enough about your product or service to provide value. You also need make sure your copy is tailored for your specific target audience.
  • Useful: how is your content valuable to the reader? Usefulness is the most important of the Four U’s. The fact of the matter is, your copy can be urgent, unique and ultra-specific, but if it’s not useful, there’s really no point for your audience to read it.


  • Attention: first and foremost, you need to grab your reader’s attention otherwise they’ll never even know your content exists. Whether it’s an eye-popping headline or irresistible / compelling subject line, don’t be misleading, but certainly be bold.
  • Interest: now that you have their attention, you need to pique their curiosity to keep reading more. You know something they don’t. Make them aware of this without being condescending. Let them know they will get something out of reading your content.
  • Desire: human nature dictates that everyone has a dream or desire they want to fulfill in some way. Convince them that you can accomplish this and play off of their fear of missing out, otherwise known as FOMO. FOMO is a legitimate form of social anxiety in which people are compulsively concerned with missing an opportunity for social interaction or novel experience. Everyone has some level of FOMO, so it can be a highly effective tactic to utilize in your copy.
  • Action: now that you’ve grabbed their interest, piqued their curiosity and satiated their desires, now you just have to tell them what to do next. Buy your product? Click to download? Subscribe to your newsletter? Speaking of action, we now move on to…

Call to Action

We’ve all heard these before: “Call now while supplies last!” or “Visit a store today!” Copywriters and marketers have utilized the Call to Action in some capacity, but contrary to popular belief, Call to Action is not just for sales and ads.

When it comes to your written content, you need to encourage sharing and engagement with your readers. Push them toward subsequent content to further their experience. Have them share your blog post on Facebook or let them know that they can follow you on Twitter so they can stay in the loop with new posts. These days, just reading content is not enough. You want your readers to be as engaged and interactive as possible.

Follow the above principles, and you are guaranteed to create more effective and impactful copy which will not only benefit your business, but make fans of your readers.