Skills-Based Calling Strategies

When it comes to your salespeople making outbound calls on Internet leads, it’s important to understand the different types of calls they can make. Here are a few tips on how to structure these calls:

  • Real-time calls: when leads come in and are immediately called by one of your salespeople.
  • Delayed calls: any calls that are made a few hours after the lead came in.
  • Slight delay (live calls): leads that came in very recently that weren’t called immediately, but are going to be called presently.
  • Follow-up calls: are any calls that are made after the initial call failed to connect with the consumer.

When considering the above, you might want to route certain types of calls with certain types of salespeople.

  • For example, you would reserve your A Team salesperson for your best Internet leads and maybe even exclusively real-time calls that have the best chance of success.
  • You could save your “green horns” (less experienced) salespeople for focusing on the follow-up calls, which typically have a lower percentage of connecting. Doing this will save time for your A Team to take their shot at the best leads.

It’s not enough to have your salespeople call as many leads as possible. Prioritizing the kinds of calls they are making and delegating which members of your team pursue these various leads is vital to increasing your sales.

Beau Bratton, Founder and CEO of Speed-to-Contact, gives an overview of different types of sales calls and strategies for utilizing the right team member for each.