Best Practices for Lead Assignment and Routing

The most vital aspect of telemarketing is assigning the right leads to the right salespeople at the right time. Speed is key to conversions: if you receive a new Internet lead and it just sits there without being called, it is dying on the vine. In order to maximize efficiency, it’s crucial to know the different distribution methods at your disposal:

  • Pull Assignments allow your users to request the lead and then have the lead delivered to them.
  • Push Assignments are when Internet leads come in and they are automatically assigned to specific users on your team based on a set of rules.
  • Round Robin Distribution is when leads are simply sent to users based on the order that they come in. Lead 1 is sent to User A, Lead B is sent to User 2, etc. While this is the easiest form of distribution, it’s not highly recommended as it doesn’t take the types of leads and your salespeople’s experience into consideration.
  • Skills-Based Routing is where an Internet lead comes in and you as a manager define a set of rules as to which salesperson the lead should go to. For example, if you had a lead from Texas and you have a salesperson that is a Texas native, you might want to make that connection to make the call more personable.
  • Skills-Based & Push Hybrid is the process in which leads are pushed out to appropriate users who are available at that exact moment to make the call.

Choose a method that makes the most sense for your particular business. Track your performance and you’ll see that your conversions will increase ten-fold.

Beau Bratton, Founder and CEO of Speed-to-Contact, offers tips on how to get your internet leads to the appropriate person at the appropriate time.