How to Receive Your Internet Leads

Internet leads aren’t just consumers’ information, they’re a form of currency. But where are you getting these leads from and what do you do once you have them?

It depends on where the lead came from: your own website, or a third party vendor?

  • If it’s from your own website, you want to make sure you get their information into a lead management system or CRM. This will enable you to track what happens with your salesperson as they interact with the customer.
  • If you’re acquiring these leads from a third party vendor, you’ll want to keep some things in mind.

Do you have an automated dialer system or a phone system?

  • It’s crucial that you have a means to contact your new leads immediately. If you don’t have automation, you can send the lead into your lead management system. If you’re dialer and management system are the same thing, then you won’t have to worry about it.

Are your providers batch processing?

  • If you’re getting your leads from a third party, be sure to ask them if they’re batch processing. If they are, then it means they are only sending their leads out every five to ten minutes, which can drastically diminish your conversions. If the third party is, in fact, batching their leads, then you should consider buying them from another source.

Discuss when you receive third party leads.

  • Often times these providers will stipulate you have to buy their leads 24/7 all week long. See if you can negotiate only being sent these leads during your standard hours of operation. If you receive a lead at 3am on a Sunday but you can’t follow through until Monday morning, it’s not really of any use to you.

Following the above tips will guarantee you increase your conversions ten-fold!

Beau Bratton, Founder and CEO of Speed-to-Contact, highlights the importance of a CRM and other best practices for receiving and processing internet leads.