Young Entrepreneurs: How to Overcome Feeling Like a Rookie

Despite having a clear vision for a potentially game-changing product or service, entering any marketplace can be daunting when you’re just starting out. Here are a few tips on how not to feel like a total rookie… even if you are one:

It’s not about what but who you want to be.

  • What kind of entrepreneurial trail-blazers or icons do you most identify with or aspire to be like? What is it about their personality or style that appeals to you? Read their books, watch their interviews, do everything you can to understand them inside and out. Knowing who your idols are and realizing how they become those people could help you identify your own path.

Find mentors.

  • Find a mentor in your field that will take you under their wing because they believe in your potential. In addition to having them bestow their wisdom to you, chances are, they’ll be willing to help you network as well. Being associated with these mentors will help give you more credibility.

Be confident.

  • As basic as it sounds, it’s crucial to your success. Just because you don’t always get validated for your ideas, doesn’t mean your ideas aren’t innovative. In fact, because you haven’t become set in your ways, your ideas might be cutting-edge. Ignore those who don’t like to thrive on that edge and instead find like-minded people who will recognize your vision and help you actualize it. The only way you can accomplish this is with ample confidence.

Be scrappy.

  • In other words, be resourceful. Learn to do a lot with just a little. Think outside the box whenever needed and don’t let the inevitable obstacles prevent you from making progress. Instead, get creative and figure out new ways around them to move forward.

Dress the part.

  • The first way to look like a rookie is to dress like one. If you’re going to pitch or present to a board-room full of suits and ties, dress accordingly. Look professional and people will regard you as such.

Create an online persona with a video resume.

  • This is an easy and effective way of letting potential colleagues and investors get to know you at the push of a button. Your work background, previous experience and your personality will all come through here. It doesn’t matter how new you are to being an entrepreneur, if you present your qualifications, work ethic and vision with professionalism and passion, people will begin to take you seriously.

Just because you’re young or inexperienced, doesn’t mean you have to feel like a total rookie. Following the above tips will help you tap into your potential and have others treat you, not as a newcomer, but as an equal.

Ariadna Jacob, Founder of, highlights finding a mentor, being confident, dressing the part and other steps young entrepreneurs can take to stop feeling and looking like a rookie.