How to Become a Social Media Influencer

Next to your innovative idea for a product or service, the most important aspect of being an entrepreneur is your ability to connect with an online audience. The world of social media has limitless potential to help you cultivate and utilize an online persona to your advantage. Some key things to consider when creating your social media identity:

Decide what you stand for.

  • Pick something you can talk about for the rest of your life and never get bored by. Your passion will become contagious among your followers.

Be consistent.

  • Make sure that whatever you stand for, you’re consistent across all social media with your message.

Always give before asking.

  • Give tips, resources, develop white papers, videos, etc. Be generous up front so that whenever you come out with a book or product your audience will want to support you in return.

Listen more than you speak.

  • It’s easy to just export your opinions and ideas through social media, but it’s important to listen to your followers and engage them as much as possible. By making it a two-way conversation, they will connect with whatever you stand for on a much more personal level.

Hang out with other influencers.

  • One of the best business tips is to hang out with people who are smarter than you. If you can’t socialize with them in person, then subscribe to their Youtube channel, follow them on Twitter and/or try to befriend them on Facebook. Be sure to attend any events they may be hosting in your area.

Provide something of value.

  • If you can’t do this, then you can’t expect people to subscribe to anything you have to offer. For example, if you manage to get your audience to sign up for your email newsletter, make sure those newsletters are as personable and friendly as possible. Connect with your followers in a meaningful way and you will win over their loyalty.

Never stop learning.

  • Generally speaking, the person who wants to be the smartest in the room is anything but. The biggest innovators are those who have a never-ending hunger for new knowledge, those who realize that there is always something else to learn to elevate themselves and their business to the next level. Be humble and keep your mind wide open.

Share with people, even if it’s a “no brainer.”

  • Don’t assume just because you know something about business or marketing that everyone else does as well. In fact, it’s better to pretend that no one knows anything you do, not to be condescending, but because chances are there is a portion of your followers who will greatly benefit from your wisdom and experience and take it to heart. By helping these people, you will become a true influencer.

Pick a channel and own it.

  • Find out which platform you excel at and stick with it until you build a substantial following. If you’re a rock star on Twitter, focus your efforts on there before branching out to another platform. If you are effortlessly building a following on Youtube, then milk it for everything it’s worth before trying to crossover elsewhere.

If you implement the above tips, you will be well on your way to becoming the next social media influencer!

Ariadna Jacob, Founder of, highlights consistency, listening, providing value and other traits needed to become a social media influencer.