Being a Multidimensional Leader

As we all know, leadership is the most important aspect of any business or agenda. Without an effective leader, no one will rally behind them and work together to support a unified vision. But did you know that there is a quantified metric for leadership? It’s called “S.O.S.” and it breaks down accordingly:


  • Know who you are as a leader. Know what you’re comfortable with doing, what your strengths and weaknesses are. What do you excel at? How you handle stress? All of these factors directly affect how effectively you lead, and subsequently, how successful your business is as a result.


  • Understand who your audience is, what your direct reports are like, what makes your peers and colleagues tick. Knowing who you do business with will determine how you conduct that business.


  • Once you understand how you operate as a leader and how the people you work with respond accordingly, then you can begin to focus on how this dichotomy creates specific situations. Knowing the ingredients that make up these situations will enable you to make the most of them, whether they are challenging or fruitful.

If you find yourself feeling unsure of your leadership and how it may be affecting the direction of your company, remember S.O.S. and you will be well on your way to fortifying your overall company dichotomy.

Jeremy Lurey, CEO and Chief Architect at Plus Delta Consulting, outlines his "SOS" model for developing a productive and adaptive managerial style.