Understanding Keywords: Apple App Store Optimization

While your Apple store description can’t contain any keywords, thankfully Apple provides a section exclusively for them. Keep in mind that Apple only gives you 100 characters (roughly ten keywords), so make the most of them. Here are some tips on how:

  • Leave no empty spaces. Only place commas between keywords.
  • Don’t use phrases.
  • Use all 100 characters. If there’s only three or four characters left, try to come up with a short word that could be appropriate.
  • Only make words plural if they’re important. In other words, if you have a zombie game, then you would use “zombies” in addition to “zombie.” But use plurals sparingly.
  • Don’t add “free.” If your app is free Apple will label it as such. No use wasting the precious characters.
  • Leave your company name out of your keywords. Your company name is recognized elsewhere on Apple, so you don’t need to make it a keyword.
  • Don’t game the system. It might be tempting to grab high performing keywords that have nothing to do with your app and stuff them in there, but the algorithm is too smart for that and it will be a waste of your time. More importantly, customers are savvy and will realize you are being deceptive. The chances they will ever download any apps you create from now on will be very slim.

Keep these tips in mind when coming up with your app’s keywords and you should be ranking in no time!

Mike Jirout, Co-Founder of Ship Mate, highlights the best ways to utilize keywords to drive as many users to your app as possible.