Different Types of Web Analytics

There are four main types of web analytics. They are:


  • From their IP address we know a person’s location, and other information they have submitted usually will include their age, gender and – in the case of social media like Facebook – their likes and interests.

Traffic source

  • Computers have a way of telling each other where a user has been before they get to a particular website. Examples include: Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, LinkedIn. The medium which conveys this data would be either paid surge, organic, direct traffic, a specific link or referral, etc. Traffic source analytics have to do with summary values that give you an overview regarding where users are coming from.


  • Includes anything and everything that a user does with a website. How long they stay on it, how many times they have visited, do they buy something, decline something, etc. All of this data paints a picture of their overall website experience.


  • This form of analytics is generally reserved for marketers and is concerned with how much quality traffic comes to the website and at what cost. It’s similar to traffic sourcing in the sense that it analyzes where users are coming from, but acquisition has more to do with how much money is being spent and made as a result of this traffic.

Each of the above analytics helps any business owner gauge their finances, success and customer base from a variety of different angles. Knowing them and utilizing them is a surefire way of maximizing your profits.

Jorge Garcia, Founder and CEO of Garcia Analytics, explains the four types of web analytics: user, traffic source, behavioral and acquisition.