Personal Branding for Startup Founders

As an entrepreneur you want everyone to know about your new start-up and brand it accordingly. With any luck, it will be a success and as a result, people will get to know all about you.

That said, should your startup fail or become acquired and you end up moving on to another project, you want to make sure you create your own personal brand so people will recognize you wherever you go. Become the through-line in your own narrative and people will associate you with your product in the best way possible.

Social media is not just for friends and family – it can also be used effectively to help create your own personal brand. Some things to keep in mind as you cultivate your online image:

SETUP your profile & privacy settings accordingly.

  • You can straddle the line between your social and professional lives if you choose what you post so that it’s appropriate for either audience. If you’re going to post any photos of yourself partying excessively, make sure that your privacy settings are set so that only your friends can see them.
  • Whatever you make public could help you connect with potential investors or customers if they see you have some of the same interests. Allowing your business life some access to your personal life can pay off by making the connection more personable.

Avoid posts about controversial topics.

  • You have an opportunity to build an image for yourself, whether it’s as a philosophically-minded innovator or a fun-loving social butterfly. Either way, it’s wise to avoid posting any content involving politics or religion because you never know what potential investors or customers believe in. Rather than risk offending their sensibilities, keep it strictly social and you are more likely to gain a larger following.

Engaging investors and customers via social media can be extremely rewarding and help you create a vast, supportive network that will follow you wherever your passion takes you. Be mindful of the content you post and its effects on your professional audience. Doing so will allow you to use social media to your advantage as you create and establish your personal brand.

Blake Jamieson, Director of Content Marketing at PoolSupplyWorld, emphasizes the importance of highlighting and building your personal brand as a startup founder.