Outsourcing Your Social Media Content

As an entrepreneur, you’re no stranger to wearing many different hats when it comes to running your business. In fact, you may be so busy with multi-tasking, that managing your social media content just might be the proverbial straw on the camel’s back. The solution to this involves outsourcing this content accordingly. Here are some options:

An intern.

  • An intern can be good for posting new content or replying to comments, but regarding an overall online strategy, they might not be well-versed in how to take full advantage of the various platforms available in the long run.

A professional.

  • Those who specialize in social media content are more likely to produce bigger results and at a faster rate than an intern probably could. However, they generally come at a much steeper price.

A consultant.

  • If you can’t afford a professional, then you can utilize a hybrid approach by hiring a consultant to come in a teach your intern the best strategy to implement over a long period of time. You can then hire the consultant to come in once a month or quarter to check up on the intern’s progress and to help them build upon this momentum or pivot if need be.

Regardless of who you tap to oversee and manage your social media content, you will want to check in regularly to make sure this content best represents the vision you originally had for your business in the first place. That said, be mindful not to micromanage too much and let them do their job. Hire the right person for the job, be attentive -- but not intrusive -- and you will watch your online presence flourish over time.

Blake Jamieson, Director of Content Marketing at PoolSupplyWorld, highlights the benefits and pitfalls of outsourcing social media to either an intern or a professional.