Create Clarity During Growth: Company Culture

Any company’s best-case scenario involves succeeding, and with success comes growth. But periods of growth are very delicate and must be handled properly in order to grow in the best ways possible. Here are a few tips to help you create clarity during these exciting periods:

Formalize communication.

  • Weekly updates in the form of chain mails, newsletters or company meetings are recommended.

Clarify roles & responsibilities.

  • Whether it’s having every employee share what they do and what they are responsible for at meetings welcoming new employees, or having your employee’s re-write their job descriptions at the end of each year, making your team think critically about their positions will encourage growth.


  • Have your team send you their top five priorities every week, or even have employees write their daily priorities on a dry erase board for everyone to see.

Introduce processes.

  • Implementing a new project management system can sometimes be met with resistance from employees who would rather things stay the same. In order to overcome this, try framing new processes as an “experiment” wherein if it doesn’t end up working? You’ll scrap it and go back to the old way. This will alleviate any concerns about moving in the wrong direction, or over-complicating workflows.

Creating clarity out of chaos is in any entrepreneur’s job description, and if you follow the above tips, you will find it that much easier to fulfill that role.

Sue Funkhouser, Founder and Organization Development Consultant of Pinwheel Performance, offers four essentials to overcoming the chaos that accompanies growth phases.