Your Company Culture Starts with You

As the founder of your company, you are essentially your company and your company is you. Whatever your core beliefs and values are, they will define your business from the ground up. So how can you stay in tune with this and still allow room for change?

Understand how your personality will affect company culture.

  • Employees tend to pick up their boss’ habits, whether they’re good or bad. Set a prime example and establish how you want your team to function and behave by being your own model employee.

Changes needed during growth:

Move from being a tactician to a strategist.

  • Continually try to pivot your own approach to your business and embrace the fact that some people can accomplish certain tasks better than you can.

Let go.

  • Micromanaging your business is both exhausting for you and annoying for your employees. Learn to delegate responsibilities throughout your team and thereby let them elevate themselves -- and as a result -- your entire company.

Continue to be accessible.

  • No matter how big your company becomes, or how busy you are, always set aside some time whether it’s daily, weekly or monthly to connect and bond with your employees. Maintaining a strong and personal connection with your team will benefit everyone involved – yourself included.

Keeping the above tips in mind will help you establish – and reestablish – your company culture as your business continues to grow and change.

Sue Funkhouser, Founder and Organization Development Consultant of Pinwheel Performance, gives tips on how to lead your company's path to fostering a beneficial company culture.