Create a System for Processing and Fulfilling Orders Within Your Company

Orders represent your revenue, so it’s vital that you create a system for processing and fulfilling them as efficiently as possible. Here are some tips to consider when devising such a system:

1.) Create a sales order in your accounting and order management system.

2.) Check inventory: see if you have the goods in stock.

3.) Pack & determine shipping costs.

4.) Charge payment.

5.) Convert the sales order to an invoice & apply payment to close the transaction.

  • Keep in mind that if you have other sales channels where you manage inventory separately, or you have an inventory spreadsheet, it’s important that you adjust those. Inventory needs to be identical across your company.

Failure to create an order management system could lead to lost, delayed or improperly accounted for goods. Having such a system also helps with managing customers and analytics. It’s a small investment that will save a lot of time and lead to an increase in sales in the long run.

Raad Mobrem, CEO of Lettuce, producer of e-commerce and wholesale inventory apps, offers expert tips on best practices for processing and fulfilling orders.