Social Media and How It Can Build Your Client Pool

Print advertising, cold-calls and direct mailing are still utilized in the world of marketing, but they are secondary modes of conversion compared to the cost-effective reach of social media. Here are a few tips on how to optimize your social media presence for your business:

Offer value.

  • Simply being on Facebook or Twitter isn’t going to automatically produce results. You need to offer original and useful content.

Choose your social media outlets carefully.

  • LinkedIn is number one for business-to-business networking, but if your company has a social component to it, then definitely utilize Facebook and Twitter as well.

Develop an alter ego for your business.

  • Use your social media as your company’s mascot and have it convey its personality.

Ensure your website is strong.

  • Websites are like gardens – they require constant maintenance and grooming to stay vital and fresh. Always incorporate the latest mediums and trends to keep it current.

Redundancy is okay.

  • There is likely to be some similar or identical content between your company website and its social media – and that’s perfectly acceptable.

Social media is not the place to sell.

  • These platforms are best used to establish identity, personality and credibility. If people like what they see, then they can be converted to customers.

Create cohesion.

  • Make sure that all of your content supports each other and is linked together. This principle doesn’t just apply to your online business. It’s crucial that your employees also support and echo this content in the real world.

Vary your types of posts.

  • Incorporate videos, articles, links and photo galleries. Change up your content as much as possible to keep things fresh and interesting.

Track what works.

  • See which social media platforms produce the best results and focus on those.

By keeping these tips in mind when formulating your social media strategy, you’re chances of making an effective impression online are a lot higher.

John Napolitano, Chairman and CEO of U.S. Wealth Management, discusses ways to use a social media campaign to land new business.