How to Skyrocket Yourself to Greater Success

Above and beyond your education and experience, there is one thing that will determine how successful you will be in life and business: confidence. How can you become more confident? Here are some tips:

Practice articulating your opinions at all times.

  • Especially with people who make you uncomfortable or intimidate you. The more you do this, the less fear you will have when it really counts.

Regularly do things that scare you.

  • Whether it’s taking time to speak with a homeless person you wouldn’t normally give the time of day to, or something more extreme like skydiving, the more you confront your fears the less of them you will have in the long run.

Unlock the trap of “that is not me.”

  • If you keep doing the same things as you’ve always done them, you will continue to generate the same results accordingly. It’s important that you stop limiting yourself based on past experience and habits. Break your own mold in order to achieve new and greater victories.

Be opinionated, venture out of your comfort zone on a regular basis, and redefine your identity by going out of your way to approach life and business differently. By doing these things, you will gradually build your confidence level to heights you might not have known you had.

Dr. Jennifer Jones, acclaimed psychologist and expert on confidence, reveals the keys to becoming a successful entrepreneur.