The 10 Pieces of a Successful Pitch Deck

The following 10 items are content you will definitely want to include into your next pitch deck:

1.) Communicating your vision.

  • What do you want to set out to create in the long run?

2.) Sharing your team.

  • Ultimately, it’s your ability as a management and leadership team to pivot and migrate the business model or customer segment as needed that will make or break your success. This ability to pivot will be based entirely on the expertise and quality of your team.

3.) Market size & opportunity.

  • Break down numerically the market size and trending growth metrics for your product or service to exemplify why this will be a sound investment.

4.) Strategy.

  • Clearly outline on paper exactly how you expect to reach your goals. Chart this chronologically and with concise detail to illustrate your plan.

5.) Product value position.

  • How does your product or service solve a problem for the customers? Cite how and why your product or service will solve these pain points within the market to underscore its value.

6.) Operational approach.

  • Do you have a unique approach to bringing your product to market? Are you bypassing a multi-touch model and going directly to consumers online?

7.) Profit & revenue model.

  • Whether it’s subscriptions, memberships or affiliate / rev-share agreements, display advertising or lead-gen – point out how you will be making money.

8.) Competitors.

  • Who are your direct and tangential competitors? What sets you apart from them and what gives you an upper hand?

9.) Financial plan.

  • You’ll want to have an income statement as well as expectations of your balance sheet and cash flow, so that you know what your capital requirements are.

10.) Known risks.

  • From the quality of your product to your financial plan, as well as team structure to direct competitors, you must understand all the foreseeable risks at hand in order to enable you to pivot if need be.

By including the above ten items into your pitch deck, you will be much more poised to root out any problems early on as well as create an attractive business plan to entice investors.

Dinesh Moorjani, founder and CEO of Hatch Labs, gives 10 steps to creating a convincing pitch deck.