5 Traits of an Excellent Startup Team

As you form your startup team it’s critical that you think about what makes for an excellent one. Here is what you should be looking for as you evaluate your team:

Passion for the business.

  • Their level of excitement and enthusiasm should have them going above and beyond the average, daily call of duty.

Depth of knowledge.

  • Less important than education and experience is a strong curiosity and a hunger to better understand the business inside and out.

Financial buy-in.

  • Willingness to invest personal capital into the business shows a sincere commitment to it.

Team trust & camaraderie.

  • One of the unwritten causes of why startups fail is a lack of personal cohesion within the team. Not getting along or being able to entrust each other with various aspects of the business are sure-fire ways of decreasing the chances of long-term success. Hire people who are not only right for the job, but who also get along with each other.

Good judgment.

  • Domain experts, venture advice and on the job learning can all help contribute to your decision-making skills. Listen to those you trust and respect, but most of all listen to your own instincts.

All of these factors determine how well your team sticks together through the inevitable ups and downs of running a startup. Keep these in mind as you select your team members and you will have a much better shot at making your business a success for everyone involved.

Dinesh Moorjani, founder and CEO of Hatch Labs, describes what it takes to create a successful startup team.