Hiring and Retaining the Right Employees for Your Vision

Any General is only as good as the soldiers in their army, and vice versa. Hiring employees is much more than just finding people who can handle their own individual tasks. You need a cohesive team capable of working together and apart simultaneously. So how do you go about hiring – and retaining – the right employees? Here are a few tips to consider:

Identify what their goals are versus the company’s.

  • What motivates them, and is their motivation in sync with your vision? If they’re in it for different reasons than your own, you will never end up working toward the same goals.

Establish how they perform under pressure.

  • Ask them some questions regarding their approach to obstacles past and present. How did they handle them? What could they have done better or differently? Really dive deep into this subject in order to ascertain their temperament and problem-solving abilities.

Implement training methods.

  • At least for their first week, it’s important to have someone shadow the new hire to show them the ropes as much as possible. Don’t just throw them into their job to see if they sink or swim, nurture and support their transition. Doing so will help ensure they take to their position quickly and smoothly.

Create valuable incentives.

  • Find out what motivates your employees and use their value-system to everyone’s advantage. Some employees value flexible schedules, others value receiving acknowledgment as they accomplish their tasks. The more they feel valued and appreciated the harder they will work for your vision.

Acknowledge their attributes over the job done.

  • Don’t just thank your employees for accomplishing their tasks, compliment their attributes that made do their job well. Beyond the tasks at hand, you want to highlight the talents and abilities of your workers that enables them to excel. This way, you’re feeding the individuals with value, not just the work they did.

Hiring is a crucial process that should never be rushed. Vet your candidates with a fine tooth comb and once you find the perfect team players, remember that the more important and valued they feel, the more likely you are to retain them.

Karen Baez, entrepreneurial and executive business coach, discusses tips on identifying, hiring and retaining the perfect employee.