What Is a Brand and Where Does It Live?

We hear the word “brand” on a daily basis, and yet its definition is not clearly defined to many. What is a brand, do you need one, and how do you create one? A few things to consider:

  • A brand is what gets you up in the morning.
  • What fuels your passion.
  • What the world would miss.
  • Your company’s magnetic north.
  • Distinguishes you from others.
  • Help you stake out your territory.
  • Helps you understand and connect with your audience.

But what, exactly, is your brand? Is it your logo, your business cards, your signage, fliers or radio campaign? Yes and no. These are manifestations of your brand, extensions of it. So where does your actual brand live?

  • It lives in the hearts, minds and souls of you, your employees and your customers.
  • You and your team are what hold the brand together.
  • Gets shared by your customers.
  • Consider your brand when determining your decisions and behaviors.

Keep in mind that a brand is less tangible and more of a state of mind. It’s the essence and spirit of your product or service. Your company name and logo should evoke the brand within your customers, but are merely projections of it. Crafting a memorable brand depends solely on your attitude and passion.

Laurie Coots, Chief Growth Officer at Endurance International Group, defines what a brand is and discusses the importance of branding for small businesses.