Branding Advice from Apple's 'Think Different' Campaign

Apple’s now iconic “Think different” campaign initially launched in only two cities back in 1997. The concept was born from a customer who commented, “I can write a check with a Bic pen, but when I write a love letter, I want to use an Apple.” This helped Steve Jobs realize that Apple was more than just computing, it was the American Dream and it was freedom of choice.

The key to finding your brand is figuring out what business you are in not just based on your industry.

In other words, what business are you really in? For example, let’s say you make high-quality cupcakes. Yes, technically speaking, you’re in the food industry / dessert business. But the true essence of your vocation has more to do with:

  • Luxury
  • Indulgence
  • Comfort
  • Maybe even sex appeal

Think outside the box to understand what you’re really delivering to your customers in terms of how your product makes them feel. When you understand that, you can then identify what your product or service is actually accomplishing and generate your brand accordingly.

Laurie Coots, Chief Growth Officer at Endurance International Group, discusses how Apple's branding practices can be applied to small businesses.