Learning to Say 'No': What They Don't Teach You in Business School

Small businesses, when they’re starting out, tend to say “yes” too much. It’s crucial that you learn to feel comfortable saying “no” when the situations call for it as you launch your startup.

Most small businesses say “yes” out of fear.

  • Whether it’s taking on a client that is too demanding.
  • Shipping an order that is too large.
  • Or modifying a process despite its complications.

Turning someone down is the ultimate strategy.

  • Once you figure out who you are as an entrepreneur and what your business’ true values are, you can take confidence in turning clients or opportunities down if they don’t benefit your vision in the long run.

You’ve endured enough rejection along the way to launching your business, so don’t ever be afraid to dish some out accordingly if need be. Knowing when to say no can make all the difference in where you place your time, money and energy.

Laurie Coots, Chief Growth Officer at Endurance International Group, highlights the importance of saying "No" for small businesses.