Use All Your Assets: What They Don't Teach You in Business School

When it comes to launching a startup, use everything you’ve got. There are four types of assets you need to be taking advantage of:

1.) Assets you own.

  • Your store.
  • How you answer your phone.
  • Your employees.
  • Your signage, uniforms and anything else tangible. If you’re a bigger company this would include things such as your trucks and airplanes, etc.

2.) Assets you’ve earned.

  • Memes.
  • Word of mouth.
  • Social media buzz.

3.) Assets you’ve bought.

  • Radio campaign.
  • Flyers / coupons.
  • Business cards.

4.) Assets you create.

  • A program.
  • A weekly discount.
  • The unique space you make that can only exists at your business.

All of these assets are vital to your success, so use what you’ve got, take advantage of what you’ve earned, and never stop creating new assets for yourself as you continue to grow.

Laurie Coots, Chief Growth Officer at Endurance International Group, describes the different types of assets and ways to utilize them.