Time Management: Prioritize Personal Goals

Between work, family and school, personal time has become a precious, dwindling resource. Here are some tips on how to optimize some time for yourself:

Choosing a 10-minute goal

Overwhelming projects typically include things like:

  • Moving, hiring new staff or cleaning out the garage.

Then there are scary goals such as:

  • Saving for retirement, writing a funding proposal or switching jobs.

Self-indulgent goals could include:

  • Reading, surfing or painting. Any recreational activity that you personally enjoy.

Keys to 10-minute goals

  • Achieve steps 10 minutes at a time
  • Don’t panic
  • Stop pushing it off
  • Build slowly towards the goal

Let’s take moving to an apartment as an example.

  • 10-minute steps would be figuring out your budget, factoring your ideal distance from work, what size apartment do you need, do you need a broker and what is your target moving date?

How about saving for retirement?

  • How much can you afford to save each month? Ask five friends for financial planner recommendations. Search online to determine asset allocation, research mutual funds and determine how much money is needed for retirement.

Even something as simple as reading a book.

  • First things first, select a book you really want to read for pleasure and then allocate at least 10 minutes a day to enjoying it. It might take you a month to finish it, but even a book a month is better than no books at all.

Just remember that no matter how big or small your goals are, if you break them down step by step, there is nothing you can’t accomplish. Even something as epic as climbing Mt. Everest is achievable if you break it all down: research the cost, the equipment and training plans. By setting aside 10 minutes each day to deconstruct your goal, you can make it happen slowly but surely.

Laura Brady Saade, founder of GiveMe10.info, discusses the importance of managing a priority list when juggling goals.