Time Management: Break Goals Into 10-minute

Between work and family, it’s all too easy for the days to blur into weeks and the weeks to blur into months. Before you know it, you’ve helped everyone else achieve their goals without paying any attention to your own. Here are some tips on how to focus on yourself a little:

Accomplishing big goals.

  • Know what to do.
  • No grandiose steps.
  • Don’t be paralyzed by the thought of all the steps.
  • Pause and write down the steps.
  • Remember that you won’t be done tomorrow.
  • Some steps are boring but can clear the way to doing everything else.
  • Chip away at if-thens (such as pending vacations) by scheduling around anything that might interfere with them.

Choosing when to do it.

  • Pick five times during the day to work on these goals.
  • When you wake up.
  • Before you leave for work.
  • During your lunch break.
  • Before going out at night.
  • Before picking up the kids.

If you prioritize these tasks early on, not only do you get them out of the way, but you also carry a sense of accomplishment throughout the rest of your day. Time management is not about leaps and bounds, but rather baby steps that inch you closer to your personal goals bit by bit.

Laura Brady Saade, founder of GiveMe10.info, gives tips on how to manage a single, large goal by turning it into many smaller objectives.