Getting the Most when Working with Developers

Working within any tech field means you will have to collaborate with developers at some point. Even if you are tech savvy, it’s important to understand how to approach and work with this group, but especially if you are not technically inclined. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Plan ahead.

  • Every structure needs a blueprint before they can be erected. The same goes for a product – whether it’s hardware or software. Presenting your developers with a detailed plan or schematic in advance will allow them to determine whether or not your idea is technically feasible in its current conception.

Seek out diamonds in the rough.

  • Try to collaborate with developers who don’t simply implement your instructions, but rather, who also add their own creative spin to them. Developers who can take your idea and point out ways to improve upon it while maintaining your original concept are invaluable.

Location doesn’t matter.

  • Grade developers based on their talent and commitment, not their geographical location. While there are certain tech hot-spots in the world such as Silicon Valley, a really good developer can come from anywhere. As long as you can communicate with them frequently and they have the talent, don’t worry about where they live.

Developers may work in the tech industry, but a true developer is more than just a technician – they’re also an artist. Developing is equal parts art and science, so if you plan ahead and find the right person for the job regardless of where they live, you’ll be well on your way to making your product a reality.