Making It as a Woman in the Male-Dominated Tech Industry

It’s no secret that the tech industry is largely male-driven, but women can and do succeed within this industry. Here are a few tips to consider if you’re a woman who wants to thrive in tech:

Keep your personal and professional life separate.

  • Whether you’re a married mother, a single mother, or completely solo, your home life should only factor into your career if you want it to.

Embrace your feminine characteristics.

  • For example, if a male colleague were to disagree with your point of view based on it being too “feminine” or “such a woman way to think,” don’t be offended. Instead be proud and explain why a feminine point of view is relevant to the topic at hand.

Help everyone, not just other women.

  • There are emerging networks and organizations designed for established women in tech helping up-and-coming women, but don’t limit yourself to helping your own gender. If and when you become established, be sure to help young men on their way up the tech ladder as well. Doing so will teach them to collaborate with women early on, thus breaking the cycle of sexism within the industry. Not to mention, having male allies is always a benefit.

Choose to have a co-founder or no co-founder.

  • Most male-run businesses in tech tend to have two or more founders, whereas most female-run businesses tend to have only one. It’s much easier to launch your startup if you have the help and support of a co-founder or co-founders – there is always strength in numbers.

While men still dominate the tech industry, women are playing a greater and greater role. The more women succeed, the more other women will do the same. So don’t let anything deter you from achieving your dreams and help improve the landscape of your industry by setting a positive example -- for both men and women alike.