Approach Business Like a Jazz Musician

There’s a lot entrepreneurs can learn from jazz musicians. Classical musicians only perform the notes they see on the sheet music, whereas jazz musicians take the sheet music and improvise around it.

Don’t just copy from other businesses.

  • If there’s a business out there that inspires you, take the core of what makes that business great and then make it your own.

Find a structure and throw out the rest.

  • You need to get rid of pre-conceptions or limitations that have already been established. Don’t simply replicate how someone else does it -- it’s either unique to them and/or you will be unoriginal.

Don’t just say “think outside the box” – actually do it.

  • Sometimes you need to venture outside of your office or home in order to be inspired. Do things you normally wouldn’t do or visit places you’ve never been to before. Live your life outside of the box in order to think outside of it.

Be willing to play the wrong notes.

  • Not every idea will be a good one, not every decision you make will be right. But you have to fail if you’re ever going to succeed.

Feedback is important

  • You know you’re song is good based on how the audience reacts. The same concept can be applied to your co-founders or colleagues. Be open to their input and adjust accordingly.

Remember that there is no right or wrong way to run your own business, so don’t be afraid to experiment and brainstorm and approach it from new angles. The key to thinking like a jazz musician with your business is to remain flexible enough to improvise and pivot as the need arises.