Using Creativity To Build Your Business

Most people don’t automatically associate business with creativity, but the most successful companies in the world tend to be incredibly creative. How can you be more creative when it comes to launching your startup?

Have informal creative brainstorming sessions

  • There’s no reason why coming up with ideas for your business has to be stuffy and boring. Get out of the office and gather your best and brightest over some food, drinks or doing something fun together. Let the ideas fly: there are no good or bad ones. The more relaxed people are, the more creative they tend to be.

Find inspiration in unrelated companies

  • It doesn’t matter what type of businesses you look at, so long as they are the most creative and innovative in their particular market. How can their innovation and spirit be applied to your own business? How can you tweak their ingenuity and make it your own?

Surround yourself with some “no” people

  • You need colleagues and co-founders who are pragmatic as they are creative. The best ideas are often created from the friction of disagreement within a brainstorm session. The more you collaborate with people who can be brutally honest, the better your ideas will be as a result when everyone agrees with them.

Don’t assume the big companies are doing it right

  • Many of the big, successful companies have been established for a very long time and aren’t even run by their founders anymore. The brilliant ideas that launched those companies years ago may no longer be relevant to their current, day-to-day operations. Therefore, trying to replicate them will be rather pointless.

Differentiate your customer’s experience

  • Be your competitor’s customer and experience their service firsthand. What don’t you like about it? How can they be more efficient or personable? Take whatever you don’t like and improve upon it within your own business. Make sure your customers have a better experience with your product or service than anyone else and you will build a loyal following.

No matter how functional or sterile a product or service may be, creativity is actually embedded within the DNA of any successful business. Implement these creative tips and your business will only benefit as a result.