Sales: Prospecting

On average, out of every ten people who are interested in your product, only one will actually buy it. Therefore, you need to be able to cast a wide enough net to attract so many customers that you can still generate a profit out of that 1/10 ratio.

Prospecting is all about creating a funnel in which you can get enough customers to achieve a profit.

  • Calling 100 people to talk to 10 in order to convert that 1.
  • This process involves a lot of rejection, but remember that every “no” is one step closer to that one “yes.”

Negative sales attitude

  • You don’t know how to discover someone’s need.
  • You don’t actually believe in your product or service.

Once you can identify what people need and you can offer a solution to fulfill that, you will have a much more positive sales experience.

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