Corporate Identity: Names & Logos

Part of launching any business is crafting its corporate identity. Two of the biggest components of any corporate identity are its name and logo.


As you brainstorm the perfect name, be sure to do a trademark search so you know if it’s available. An easy way to do this is to log into Keep in mind that if you do find someone else using the same name, so long as it’s for a completely different kind of business, you’re probably fine to use it.

  • Make sure your business name is something meaningful and important for you.
  • As soon as you legally acquire the name, register an online domain for it with a site such as Also be sure to register your name on:
  • Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook

If someone else already has your name on Twitter, which doesn’t allow the exact same name to be used more than once, consider an iteration or abbreviation that is very close to your business name.


They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so coming up with the right logo for your business can go a long way to establish a successful corporate identity.

  • A site built for helping you come up with such a graphic is, where thousands of designers compete to create a winning design for businesses. It turns logo creation into a contest in which you only pay for the logo you want to use.
  • This is an incredibly cost-effective method of crowdsourcing your logo creation.

With the right name and an eye-catching logo, your business will be well on its way to enjoying an attractive -- and lucrative -- corporate identity.

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