Scott Case, CEO of Startup America Startups Uncensored 28

Scott Case is a technologist, entrepreneur and inventor, and was founding CTO of, the internet travel service that reached one billion dollars in annual sales in less than 24 months. As Chief Technology Officer, Case was responsible for building the technology that enabled Priceline’s hyper-growth. In January 2011, Case was named CEO of the Startup America Partnership, where he and his team supported a national network of vibrant startup communities that maximize startup success.

Startup America Partnership supports a national network of startup communities dedicated to advancing the success of American startups. Hundreds of passionate founders, entrepreneurial leaders, investors, mentors and executives are working together to strengthen their local communities and help young companies grow. It brings the private sector together to maximize the success of America’s entrepreneurs and also its competitiveness in an increasingly global world. This support movement is focused on the areas of expertise, services, talent, customers, and capital.