4 Steps to Build Great Software Products A User Centered Approach

So you want to create a cutting edge new software product? Maybe an online service with a killer website, or an actual piece of software people can use to improve their lives in some way? Well this is a quick overview of that process.

Create detailed wireframes for your product, UI & UXT

  • Think about every screen of your website in as much detail as possible. Think about the flow between these screens, how are they all connected? What is the overall interface experience like for the user? To help you with this, you can use something like Balsamiq Mockups for wireframing.

Draft accurate mockups of the product, UI & UX

  • These mockups should look like final designs. Often times you will outsource this to a graphic designer who can create them in Photoshop. Have them generate every screen for your entire site just like it would look when it goes live.

Develop the HTML, CSS & all other assets

  • The designer passes this data on to the development / engineering team who will then build the actual, living site.

Product person should oversee & approve all aspects of the process

  • They are the ones who take the user experience into consideration. Nothing should be designed or developed without the product person’s approval. They must oversee the entire creative and technical process to make sure nothing is lost in translation between the two from conception to launch.