Difference of Business Development Responsibilities During the Early Stages of a Startup

The stage a startup is in will determine the amount and type of responsibilities its founders must deal with. After all, the beta stage and gross stage of any business are worlds apart.

Founders handle all business development responsibilities in the beta stage

  • In early stages, founders have the most passion for a product. They have to conceive and design the right product and incorporate the best and brightest customer feedback accordingly. What market is this product relevant in and how do you go about selling it there?

In later stages you can direct business development employees as to what works

  • Now the founders can delegate responsibility based on their own trial and error gained during the beta stage. The general sales process will be in place, as well as the legal documents and roll out plans. If you hand the business development team a proven method for success, there should be a smooth transition of responsibility and your business won’t skip a beat.