To Cloud or Not To Cloud – That is the Question

Alon Schwartz, CTO of Docstoc ( goes in-depth about using the cloud for your business. Learn the best providers of cloud services, and the many benefits and pitfalls that come with moving to the cloud.

  1. Amazon, RackSpace & Microsoft are the main providers of cloud solutions
  2. Cloud storage offers a cheap alternative to in-house servers
  3. Considered an operational expense, not a capital expenditure
  4. Cloud services require no maintenance
  5. The scalability potential is endless
  6. Data backup is guaranteed
  7. Cloud storage is more reliable than most other options
  8. The ROI is about 2-3 years
  9. Migration is difficult with a cloud solution
  10. Using a hybrid solution is very slow
  11. Cloud services still require some expertise to operate
  12. Your data is physically held somewhere off-site
  13. Compare pricing to find a suitable solution
  14. Ensure your team is comfortable with using the cloud
  15. Ignore the hype & use whatever solution is best for you
  • Cloud- computing delivered as a service rather than a product
  • MapReduce, Caching, Queuing, CDN, Search, Email, etc.