Hiring … Most Important Decision

Whether your business is a large corporation or a small startup, how you build your team can determine its fate. Gathering the right workers to complement each other’s skillsets while continually elevating the company to new heights is both an art and a science. Here are some tips on how to hire the best employees:

Employees represent the core of a company & keep it growing.

  • Your company is not made from your product or service, your company is made from people. Your employees are your company. They are the foundation and the ceiling. Each one must serve a specific and vital purpose to keep the company moving forward.

An effective team is easier to manage than problem employees.

  • The more work you put into hiring the right people up front, the less work you will have to deal with as they fulfill their roles. Be as thorough as possible when interviewing candidates. If you choose them wisely, they’ll each make running your business a little bit easier. If you choose poorly, then you will find yourself spending precious time and energy trying to manage them accordingly.

Find the balance between a hard worker and a pleasant personality.

  • Someone may be incredibly driven and efficient at what they do, but if they are unpleasant to work with, then they won’t be a good fit within the company. You need to seek out people who are as personable as they are productive. Office morale largely depends on it.

The Three R’s for Problem Employees:

  • Retrain: provide updated responsibilities to a problem employee
  • Reassign: recognize a good employee may not be in the appropriate position
  • Replace: after all efforts have failed, get rid of the employee

When forced to fire an employee, do it swiftly.

  • It’s bad for company morale to have someone who is slowing down or interfering with the workflow hang around. It’s better to replace them as quickly as possible and move on.

If you implement these tips as you build your team, you will assemble a group of people capable of making your business succeed.