Foundership: The Power of Duos and Trios

The icons of the tech world like Bill Gates and Larry Ellison might make people believe that they created their empires as visionary loners, but the reality is, any successful business requires an entire team of hard working people in order to survive.

The complexity of current business makes “founding teams” more beneficial.

  • The expression “many hands makes light work” comes to mind. When you have co-founders who can shoulder their own amount of responsibilities, it will help you focus on the crucial operations that demand your attention.

Understand that every person has their own set of weaknesses.

  • The key here is teaming up with people whose skillsets compliment your own. What you lack in one area, they should be strong at, and vice versa. For example, if you’re a big picture idea person, partner up with someone who is detail-oriented. If you’re great with people, find someone who is technically-minded.

Find your suitable counterpart to help on many levels.

  • It will help your morale and your ability to multi-task if you have someone you can share your fears and victories with. Ideally, this is someone who challenges you to perform at your very best. Having co-founders is all about merging strengths to propel the business father and faster at an exponential rate.