Push Problems Down

Businesses are extremely complex and difficult to build. Every entrepreneur needs colleagues and/or co-founders to help them make their vision a reality, no matter how hard they work.

A CEO shouldn’t handle everything.

  • There is not enough time or resources in any given day where a single individual, no matter how intelligent or driven, can manage every opportunity and challenge that comes with launching a business.

Empathy matters, but decisions matter more.

  • You need to delegate responsibilities and decision-making to an infrastructure of employees whom you trust. They should run everything by you, but once you hear them out and give your feedback, you should allow them to form their own decisions and trust that they are the right ones. This is referred to as “pushing problems down.”

Drive ownership to build leadership.

  • In doing so, you will reinforce your management team’s strengths and morale, while simultaneously lightening your own workflow burden. This will allow you to focus on the tasks at hand that only the founder could, or should, be concerned with.