Collaboration Language

Businesses and startups in particular are filled with intelligent and incredibly driven people. These people might know their own individuals roles within the company well, and fulfill those roles as thoroughly and productively as possible. But the real test of a company’s talent and success is their ability to work together. In this regard, communication is paramount to anything else.

Language connects everyone in the company.

  • Think of language like an electric current running through the office and keeping it running. If a single circuit is broken, or fuse blown, the power could go out completely.

The circuit of the work team depends on language.

  • The ability to communicate clearly and considerably makes all the difference. It’s not always what is said to each other in a meeting, but how it is said that affects the outcome.

Remove the word “but” from your vocabulary.

  • When you say you like one thing BUT don’t like another, you are essentially drawing a line in the sand without offering any constructive solutions. Using the word “and” in its place will reroute the conversation into a different, more productive direction. “I don’t like this AND I think we should…” Such a small, simple change can have a really big influence on a company’s day-to-day operations.