Keys to Motivate Your Employees

If someone is working at a startup, chances are they are already pretty driven and passionate about succeeding. That said, as a founder part of your duty involves managing your team’s motivation at all times.

Provide employees with challenges and the ability to succeed.

  • They want to knock balls out of the park, so keep pitching to them and let them get home runs for the company. Not every opportunity can be self-generated, so be sure to provide your team with frequent opportunities to prove their worth.

Give credit where credit is due.

  • Credit is an infinite resource and there is plenty to go around. Don’t ever be stingy with giving credit. Your team wants to be recognized and praised for making those home runs, so be sure to cheer them on in front of the rest of the team whenever they do so.

A motivated company is a successful company. Keep your employees’ confidence level high, and you will see your business grow accordingly.