Marketing for Startups - Effective Marketing for Early Stage Companies

David Waxman, Serial Entrepreneur and Startup Mentor at Amplify LA (, talks about marketing in young companies. Listen to these suggestions to market properly when your startup is just getting off the ground.

  1. PR is the best choice for small business marketing
  2. Establish a goal & plan before reaching out via PR channels

The most effective and most economically efficient marketing for startups is still PR. It’s the cheapest. It’s got the biggest reach and it’s really one of the only mass channels that startups can actually afford. But one thing mistake that I see startups do all the time is they go after PR without a real plan and without a real like mission about it and that’s a mistake.

So if you just reach out to a couple bloggers or you do without thinking through your messaging, you’re wasting an opportunity. So take PR seriously the same way that you take other – you would take a multi million dollar ad buy. Think through your strategy, the messaging, who you’re trying to reach, how you’re going to reach them, which press outlets you favor, what press outlets you want to be in and really go at it systematically and you can achieve amazing things with not very much money. PR is key.