Business Email Overview - Business Email Secrets

Jason Nazar, co-founder and CEO of Docstoc ( goes over the fundamentals of sending business emails. Check out these insider tips to help boost your response rate.

  1. Build awareness- inform & connect regarding important topics
  2. Take action- ask the recipient to take a specific next step
  3. Get a response- elicit a reaction from the receiver

Hi. This is Jason. I’m the Co-founder and CEO of Docstoc and this is going to be the first in the series of videos on how to be successful with business e-mails and the secrets of being successful with business e-mails.

When it comes to e-mailing your friends or family have fun, do it any which way you want. When it comes to business e-mails, it’s an art in the science and you may not realize but there is a proven set of ways in which you can accomplish your goals through business e-mailing and it’s proven best practices that have been implemented for years and years.

And what we’re going to do today is break down the biggest mistakes people make, how to be successful with subject lines, what you should put on the body and how to really accomplish your goals with business e-mailing.

So let’s start off with the conceptual overview. There are three main things that you’re trying to get done with the business e-mail.

The first is to build awareness. You want somebody, you’re a group of people to know about something you’re working on doing on being a part of.

The second is that you want somebody take an action. You’re going to include a hyperlink in your e-mail and you want them to click on it. You want them to buy something for the lead, get up out of their chair and go do something for you.

And the third thing is that you’re trying to get a response, which is really just a type of action but it’s most often the most common thing we’re trying to get done in the business e-mails. So you might be asking somebody for advice or to go to coffee or getting their help in raising money for your company but in order to accomplish any of those goals, they have to respond to your e-mail.

And that sound simplistic and pretty basic but it’s the cornerstone of everything we have to focus on going forward and everything that we do and don’t do is geared around the intent of building awareness, getting an action or getting a response.