To Fire or Not to Fire? That is the Question

Alon Shwartz, CTO of Docstoc ( outlines factors that should be looked at when deciding whether or not to fire an employee. It is crucial to look at how the company would perform without the employee and the amount of time spent fixing problems related to this employee.

  1. Envision how the company would perform without the employee
  2. Analyze the amount of time spent fixing problems caused by the employee
  3. Ensure your comfort zone is not a factor
  4. If it's inevitable, just get it over with & figure out a solution later

So many times, it’s clear when you want to fire someone. You’re not always doing a good job. It’s not that there’s – you need to cut someone from because of financial reason.

So most time, it’s clear where when someone needs to go but there are some situations where it’s somewhat clear. You got this feeling that it’s for that person to go but you’re just not sure.

So here are 4 things, 4 ideas, 4 tricks, tips that you can do to help you figure it out.

Number one, close your eyes and imagine how it will look if that person is not employed tomorrow. So close your eyes and just try to imagine how it will be and your feeling will guide you. If you feel, “Whew, wow,” you know. If you feel, “Oh my God,” then you know.

It’s simple as that. You let your brain guide you.

Number two, think about the time you’re spending cleaning up or thinking about the issues that person is causing in the business. It should not be measured in hours. Yes, every person can have issues and have some mess then they leave behind, but if that person is taking hours of your day or week for you to think about this or clean it up after themselves, you know for sure it’s time to let that person go.

Number three, make sure that you’re not stuck in your comfort zone of, “Well, it’s really I don’t have time to look for another employee. This is not the time. It’s going to be too hard to train someone else. He is not that bad.”

If you keep saying these things, you know it’s time to let the person go. Sometimes you just have to do it. Even if you’re not sure, it’s enough that you keep thinking about it and it’s taking your mind off what the business is supposed to do and your responsibility to the business, you just have to do it. Just jump to the pool and learn how to swim. Just pull and bend it off and suck out the pain and it will be okay.

These are four tips of what to do when you’re just not sure whether or not to keep someone or let them go.