What is Source Overlap?

Tracy Woodworth, Media Analyst at Convertro (http://www.convertro.com/) defines source overlap in marketing. She discusses the difference between push vs pull marketing and how each distinct channel should be valued by its own properties.

  1. Each distinct marketing channel should be valued by its own properties
  2. Push marketing- taking the product directly to the customer
  3. Pull marketing- motivating the customer to seek out the brand

A source would be considered a media channel, so if you have e-mail, for instance, that would be considered a source. If you have pay-per-click, that would be considered a source. And since not all marketing sources are created equal, some of them are very creative on their own and actually can stand on their own two legs, some of them do need the benefit and the help of other sources to continue to go in and fuel it.

For instance, if you have an e-mail campaign, an e-mail acquisition campaign, that campaign might be more effective if you also combined it with a pay-per-click campaign. And you also combine that pay-per-click campaign with, let’s say, some TV advertising.

And essentially what happens is, it’s the differentiation between Push Marketing and Pull marketing. And if you’re able to consider each different source or each different media type in their own objective and you’re able to look at them and evaluate each particular source’s behaviour, then you’ll be able to identify key points of your marketing that are truly efficient and the ones that probably aren’t as efficient, mainly because it requires so much more work to actually get a conversion.

And if you are able to go back in and take a look at your different sources, the ones that have the most overlap with other sources meaning, it takes more for e-mail to create a conversion than it does for, say, a radio ad for instance, or a billboard where you’re just immediately pulling right off the freeway to go get food, then you’ll want to evaluate those different sources.

And if there’s more overlap, they’re going to be more expensive and the less overlap, possible, the more creative they’ll be and the more valuable.