Using a Phone Agent to Optimize Your Marketing Budget

Tracy Woodworth, Media Analyst at Convertro ( talks about optimizing your marketing budget by using a phone agent. Simply asking, "how did you hear about us?" provides limited insight and it is crucial for agents to collect accurate data.

  1. "How did you hear about us?" provides limited marketing insight
  2. Incentivize your agents to collect accurate data

A phone agent, because they are on the front line of actually representing your company, they have a very specific unique value to them.

They have the ability to have actually talk to the user and say things like how did you hear about us? Where it could become a little bit of liability and can have limited value is if they say, “How did you hear about us? Was it through a TV ad or radio ad or an online ad that you saw?”

And most people don’t care about your marketing. They don’t care about how you aggregate your leads together and they don’t pay attention to which commercial was it that I heard or which TV ad did I see and so a lot of times people just kind of come up with phony answers to that and if you scale your media to this phony answers, you’ll be doing yourself a tremendous disservice.

With your phone agent, what you’ll actually want to do is incentivize them to collect the real data and not just filling the blank with any type of data that either the agent is rushing to collect or the user or the lead is just kind of coming up with off the cup of their head.

And if you can be aggregating that data together from the agent in real time you can actually be instantaneously optimizing your media.

So if you’re running a television campaign and you’re finding that it’s working really well in a specific geographic, say it’s really working well in Miami and you actually want to blow that out to another market like Charlotte for instance, then you’ll actually be able to identify key points of interest that are actually captivizing or captivating people and are actually working very well for your media.