How to tell if Display advertising is working for you?

Tracy Woodworth, Media Analyst at Convertro ( chats about display advertising. Watch this to help you decide whether your display ad is bringing in enough traffic and value.

  1. Test your ad against a control to determine its lift
  2. Attribute both brand & non-brand traffic to the display
  3. Calculate ROI & profit to determine the benefits

With the display advertising, a lot of people find it to be a very fun medium but not necessarily always very efficient. So the way you can actually drill down for efficiency is to do a test against a control and you find whichever of the two are actually your performers and then you actually want to start testing it against brand traffic, and then also against non-brand traffic.

So if I’m McDonald’s, I wouldn’t want to take my display and I actually want to start pointing my brand traffic towards the display. So anything that says McDonald’s or McDonald’s hamburgers, or you know, McDonald’s French fries would be pointing towards that display.

You will also want to take it tested against non-brands, so French fries, hamburgers in my local geographic area; you will also want to point that towards your display, too.

And then, at the end of every campaign, you’re always going to want to calculate your ROI and your profits, so that way you can actually figure out if this is a medium that you actually want to be investing in.

It’s pretty efficient and it works really well for a visually stimulated types of services and products and it’s something that you have to be a little bit careful of if you’re in the medical industry, cause a lot of those areas aren’t exactly things that you want images of but, if you keep it pretty simple, you will be just fine.